Our Vision

Taangh envisions a just, peaceful, educated and a democratic society without discrimination, where all the people have equal rights.

  Our Mission

To create an enabling environment for non-discrimination, equal rights and access to equal opportunities by raising awareness through public education.

  Organizational Objectives
  • To raise awareness on the principle of non-discrimination, fundamental freedoms and international human rights Instruments.
  • To work for communal harmony to promote peace at all levels by erecting and propagating indigenous examples of peaceful co-existence rooted in our history and culture.
  • To mobilize public support for creation of democratic structures in society through political education of political workers.
  • To work for the promotion of literacy.
  •   Core Values
  • Bringing people of different faiths together.
  • Gender sensitivity.
  • Promoting volunteerism.
  • Accessing indigenous knowledge and local expression and values.
  • Community focused.
       Upcoming Events
    • Skill Enhancement Training Workshop in Khushab

    • Orientation Meeting with Peace Youth Group in Khushab

    • Follow Up Activity with Students in Sargodha