Peace building and Conflict Resolution

The peace and human rights situation in Pakistan remained abysmally alarming in recent years. TWO believes in the need of some alternatives to create a harmonized Pakistani society by building peace and resolving conflicts. TWO's peace projects support this process of creating alternatives through awareness raising on peace issues, enhancing the skills needed to challenge extremist ideologies and develop constructive approaches to conflict resolution. These projects foster a culture of peace so that communities can expand their understanding and discuss their differences within a dynamic environment to help in resolving conflicts. Sixty percent (60%) of Pakistan's population is made up of young people. Therefore, the key target group of peace projects is youth. However, children, families and communities of target districts have also been involved.


Gender Dimensions are the main consideration of proposed project. Women participation has been ensured in all project activities because women are half of every community and the tasks of peace building are so great. Women and men must be partners in the process of peace building. Too often the perception of women as victims obscures their role as peace builders in reconstruction and peace building processes. However, moving beyond the "victimhood" paradigm, through Wasaib Peace Program, the multiple roles of women as peace builders have been be highlighted.

  Project Stratigies

The project includes the themes of each type of activities grounded in Punjabi culture of wisdom, peace and harmony as follows:

  • Awareness raising (Aman Hulara): Hulara is a Punjabi word meaning "joyful swinging" that provides comfort and inner peace. It's a symbol of peaceful, musical action that is grounded in culture and envisions a peaceful world. The Aman Hulara component of Wasaib Peace Program includes awareness activities.

  • Capacity building (Aman Dera): Dera is also a Punjabi word meaning a cultural place/sitting to discuss issues and to resolve the problems. Aman Dera component includes capacity building activities to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants so they can efficiently and effectively resolve conflicts and foster a culture of peace.

  • Lobbying and Advocacy (Aman Sandesa): Sandesa means message. This component of the project will take the message of Awam(people) about assurance of non-violence policies and practices to Nimiandgan (policy makers) through lobbying and advocacy meetings.

      Overall Objective

    To create positive peace by addressing the core problems and the underlying root causes of conflicts in target districts.

      Specific Objectives
  • Raise awareness about interfaith harmony and peace themes among people of different faiths so that they can undertake initiative for multicultural coexistence and cooperation.
  • Provide knowledge and skill of peace building and Conflict Transformation to the organizations and groups so that they could bring the multiplier effect in peace building process .
  • Improving the advocacy skills of local communities in target Districts to ensure peacebuilding policies and practices contribute to non-violent relations within communities.
  •   Achievements
  • Formation of 36 Peace committees and 8 District Resource groups who have been resolving conflicts to foster a culture of peace
  • 40 cases of religious intolerance has resolved
  • 5 Religious leaders has delivered Friday sermons on peace issues
  • 12 peace initiatives were taken by peace activists such as production of documentary on inter-faith harmony by students of university of Sargodha, donation of land by community for peace road, international peace day celebrations in targeted districts, peace mushayira (Urdu poetry recited by poets) and establishment of children peace makers' network.
  • 6 peace monuments were established by peace volunteer in all target districts (Sargodha, Khushab, Chiniot, Mandi Baha udin.)
  • Establishment of Taangh Peace Garden
  • Peace Awards
  • Memberships and Networking
       Upcoming Events
    • Skill Enhancement Training Workshop in Khushab

    • Orientation Meeting with Peace Youth Group in Khushab

    • Follow Up Activity with Students in Sargodha