Taangh Elementary School

In Pakistan, bonded labor is found in different forms, especially in the rural areas and in certain disadvantaged geographic regions. The problem of bonded labor is outcome of poverty, backwardness, illiteracy and outdated customs. Due to remoteness of the brick kilns, most of these workers cannot avail the regular social services including the education, health, financial support and other services provided by the state to its citizens. TWO established a school at Bhata (an Urdu word for brick kiln) Khushab so children and especially girls can get an opportunity of education.

These children formerly worked making bricks before the school was established. The children are not only getting formal education but are also able to participate in social and recreational activities.

   Upcoming Events
• Skill Enhancement Training Workshop in Khushab

• Orientation Meeting with Peace Youth Group in Khushab

• Follow Up Activity with Students in Sargodha