Legal Aid and Feminist Counseling Center

TWO established a legal aid and feminist counseling center to provide legal and paralegal aid to violence survivors. TWO adopted a victim's oriented approach in provision of legal aid and helped out violence survivors at all stages of change so they can maintain good things for better life as mentioned below.

  • Pre-Contemplation Stage: Victim cannot identify issues as problems for example woman said "my husband beats me because he loves me" consequentlyTWO engaged victim in regular meetings for facilitating victim to realize that this is the issue of violence against women
  • Contemplation Stage: Victim can identify problems/issues and multi stake holder forums' members attempt reconciliation and to solve this problem at village level while TWO provides regular counseling service to encourage victim for approaching court to get justice.TWO has also created a supportive and affirming environment in which violence survivors can interact with each other through;       

  •       o Group Counseling: After individual counseling session, survivors of violence have been treated by Group Counseling.

          o Education Programs: TWO will also organize educational program regarding basic tools and techniques of counseling. Special resource material such as "Family STAR Manual" for trauma healing and counseling strategies for family is developed for helping families to cope and recover from the trauma of "gender based violence.

          o Recreation activities: TWO will also organize recreational activities for violence survivors to integrate them in society. This counseling center is of a first center with such facilities in the target areas.

  • Preparation Stage: Victim start looking for solutions for the problem identified, however, it is difficult for domestic violence survivors to find a pro bono lawyer for getting free legal services. TWO provides legal aid to violence survivors at this stage. It has a team of lawyers to represent domestic violence survivors in violence against women cases. TWO has provided free legal aid to 165 women within a period of 4 years
  • Action Stage: Victim starts taking action and confidently faces all legal processes.
  • Maintenance Stage: Victim adopts new strategies and has changed for a better life. At this stage TWO enhanced the skills of victims and provide them small loan to initiate their income generating activities and making them economically empowered.

       Upcoming Events
    • Skill Enhancement Training Workshop in Khushab

    • Orientation Meeting with Peace Youth Group in Khushab

    • Follow Up Activity with Students in Sargodha