Humanitarian Response

Pakistan has faced the worst ever disaster of its history in 2010. This was the 60th largest natural disaster in history which directly affected 79 out of 125 districts of Pakistan, 122, 7858 houses destroyed, 1,540 causalities took place, 2,342 injured and 12 Lac hectors of cotton fields destroyed. Millions left without a home, displaced and lack vital means of living and supplies such as food, shelter, potable water, agriculture inputs, debris clearance tools, livestock, communication infrastructure and access to social services such as health, education, employment, social security and protection. TWO's volunteers from different districts were badly affected and they approached TWO for support. Consequently, since July 2010, TWO has been involved in humanitarian work.


Currently, the project "Livelihood Recovery in Bhakkar" [LRB] has been successfully assisting flood affected communities to start the productive process of rebuilding their lives. In first phase of LRB, TWO capacitated the flood affected communities with livestock and poultry. It was a successful experience. However, in 2nd phase TWO has been focusing on the flood affected farmers. Farming is the major source of income of the target area. In food security point of view during disasters it's necessary to strengthened the agriculture sector in disaster prone areas.

  • To rehabilitate the agriculture sector in the flood affected areas of district Bhakkar.
  • To enhance the skills of farmers for organic farming and climate changes.
  • To provide knowledge and skills for understanding the issue of violence and disasters
  • for helping families to cope and recover from trauma.

    The key activities of the project are.

      •   Awareness raising and Capacity Building

              o   Group Formation

              o   Regular Meetings with Groups

              o   Orientation sessions

              o   Training Workshops on

                          Organic forming in relation to climate change and & food security

                         Trauma Healing and Resilience

      •   Service Delivery

              o   Agricultural input (seeds)

              o   Provision of Agriculture kit ( seed storage bin& other tools)


  • Taangh staff and national & international volunteers' contribution to reach 3500 beneficiaries
  • EID Festival celebrations with 6000 flood affected children of district Sargodha, Khushab & Bhakkar
  • Medical Camps for 650 flood effectees in district Mianwali & Sargodha
  • Distribution of food, non1500 families of flood affected area with the coordination of EED.
  • Distribution of food, non-food & hygienic kits to 7100 families of district Bhakkar & Layyah with the coordination of DiakonieKatastrophenhilfe
  • Distribution of agriculture inputs to 2850 families of district Bhakkar, Layyah, Mianwali, Khushab & Sargodha with the coordination of DiakonieKatastrophinhilfe
  • Distribution of food, non-food & hygienic kits for 1500 families of district Mianwali, Khushab & Sargodha with the coordination Cordaid & implementation partner ODP.
  • Rehabilitation Program for 2000 flood affected People in District Mianwali with support of DKH.

       Upcoming Events
    • Skill Enhancement Training Workshop in Khushab

    • Orientation Meeting with Peace Youth Group in Khushab

    • Follow Up Activity with Students in Sargodha